August 30, 2014

Kevin's View
 Today was the Calgary Highland Games out at Springbank Park for All Seasons (rather a wordy name...) I haven't been since they moved it from Shouldice Park. I love to go and visit with people I know, listen to the pipe bands and watch the dancers compete. It was easier to get Tori to come along this year as her boyfriend Sam has a sister who was competing... :) After the games, we drove down to the farm then I got together with a friend from high school and her man. It was a nice visit and a chance to catch up while comparing life with teenager stories.
Hillary's View
Today (and the next few days!) will be spent unpacking, sorting, and settling in.  This was one of my tasks today. With no fridge in Korr, and it being so hot, fresh fruit and veggies don't last very long. I'm determined, though, to enjoy them while I can.  Fruit and veg in Kenya needs to be washed really well to kill anything that might be on the outside, and what is common (and what I had) is a capful of bleach in the water and to let them soak for a few minutes. Thankfully our tap water (running water! I didn't have that in Korr last time!) comes from a borehole and is safe to drink, so I gave them a good rinse after their bleach soak, too! :)

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